As we get closer to Halloween, we enlisted our talented team leader Heather to help make our pumpkins look spookily good. We went with tradition and carved faces but we also added a bit of flare, by adding a floral arrangement to them. Some of the residents enjoy flower arranging so we made our own pumpkin vases. We hope you enjoy looking at them. Thank you Heather for giving up your day off to help.

We thank you all for your continued support throughout this pandemic and we feel the limited garden visits are going well. Therefore, visiting will be limited to 30 mins as this is fair to all our residents. Unfortunately we will not be offering drinks to visitors. You are very welcome to bring drinks for yourself. Please take any waste with you. If you bring anything for your loved one please leave it in the porch area and tell a member of staff it's there. Many thanks. Woodspring House team.

Dancing, singing and cake eating - what better way to celebrate Gwyneth's birthday? Thanks to Karl who entertained us from the safe distance of the gazebo in the garden. And in other news... we are continuing with our activities over Zoom with Xen Arts. Xenoula, leader of Xen Arts, has been amazing by getting people interacting through the screen.

We had a great day today celebrating! A huge thank you to all the staff who made the event happen. And another huge thank you to Ken who sang from the car park. The bunting was lent by Wells Carnival, the cake stands from Bang Café. We had the swing music playing too so the scene was set for a street party in the garden to remember. Tricia said "it took me back to when I was 10 years old and all the mums down my street were busy all morning making cakes and decorating." Staff members Marissa Faima and Jodie Prior really looked the part dressed as Land Army girls. Lisa said “We had an absolutely brilliant day. It was all about celebrating VE day and not worrying about what is happening in the outside world. Memories of VE day made it emotional for some but everyone loved it.”

Easter is here! Woodspring House was given a kind donation of chocolate eggs from Morrisons. The residents opened their Easter Cards and tucked into some Easter Eggs (although they were gone so quick we didn't get a chance to take a photo)! Happy Easter from everyone at Woodspring House to all family and friends. We miss you but look forward to seeing you soon.