Our Approach to Care

Our highly-trained carers are friendly, kind and compassionate by nature. As well as respectfully tending to each individuals needs and wishes, from our experience, a whole team approach to wellbeing means that companionship and feeling like part of a family are second nature at Woodspring Ongoing training and development ensures that our carers remain confident and competent, as well as practical and observant, in their role.

Our residents are treated with the utmost dignity, respect and compassion, and will be encouraged to maintain their independence, connect and form new friendships, and take part in the wonderful activities we offer.

On admission we sit down with new residents and their loved one and find out as much as we can about them, their likes and dislikes, past-times and hobbies and also about their lives so far. Knowing the real person and the life they have led helps us to tailor the care to suit the individual but also most importantly ensures respect for them as people.

Each resident has their own key worker. Key-workers’ are carers responsible for ensuring that residents have everything they need. This not only applies to material things such as toiletries and sewing, but they also work on forming a close relationship with residents so that their emotional well- being is also maintained.

A person’s needs change over time so we regularly review the care we provide and involve family members and the resident themself in making the decisions in how they want to live their lives.

For those who need specialist medical attention there is a weekly visit from the nurse practitioner and GP if necessary, and the district nurses visit regularly. A chiropodist visits every six weeks and the dentist and optician visit when necessary.

Other features and facilities at Woodspring house include:

  • A professional care team, who are experienced in delivering quality residential care and dementia care.
  • Safe and comfortable living areas
  • TV and WiFi in each bedroom
  • Experienced cooks who consider dementia care when making meals to create an inclusive and social dining experience
  • Hairdressing and beauty salon
  • Local community involvement
  • Activities tailored to support our delivery of dementia care

Day Care

We work closely with our day visitors and their families to create an individual care plan that will ensure they get the very best from each visit.

Woodspring House day visitors receive a home-cooked two-course lunch (special dietary needs can be accommodated) and access to a wide range of other essential services, such as specialist bathing, chiropody and therapeutic exercise.

Day visitors can also participate in our activity events, which take place daily and are organised by our activity leader Victoria.  Everyone is encouraged to take part in the activities which range from arts and crafts, singing, chat club, aromatherapy sessions, to cooking and outings and, if the weather is nice, time in the garden.

This could be planting, pruning or weeding or just relaxing under a parasol with a cold drink. We also have regular visits from outside entertainers.

Perhaps most importantly, our visitors enjoy the companionship of others and the comfort of a warm home.

Having Fun and Keeping Active

There is much more to good care than just looking after a person’s physical needs.

With this in mind we work hard to provide a varied, interesting and stimulating programme of activities. Fun and laughter are the common theme.

“The care for my father is excellent and the activities going on all year round are second to none. The residents are always going out to many a varied activity.”

Michael Cook, resident’s son

These are just some of the things we get up to but every task can be an activity. For those who want to help, just being useful around the home can be very fulfilling.

See our news for lots of photos of what we’ve been up to and our calendar for what’s coming up.

From the Kitchen

At Woodspring House we recognise that the kitchen is the heart of the home. With this in mind our cooking staff create tasty, simple, traditional home cooked meals everyday of the week. Having delicious and nutritious food is essential for our residents’ total wellbeing and some meals can be a nostalgic reminder of childhood memories or special times. On Sundays we cook a roast and on Fridays we have traditional fish and chips. There is always a choice of lunch (including desert), and the cooks will try and rustle up something different if there is nothing on the menu to suit.

Residents can choose between a cooked or continental breakfast daily, at lunch there is a choice of two hot meals or a salad, accompanied by a drink of their choice (soft drinks, beer, wine or sherry). At dinnertime they have a choice of soup, sandwiches or a hot option. Hot and cold drinks are served 24 hours a day along with snacks. The tea/coffee trolley goes out round three times a day at mid morning, afternoon and evening.

For birthdays there will be a cake and at Christmas time we encourage the residents to get involved with making the traditional treats, such as mince pies and Christmas cake and of course, Christmas lunch is a roast with all the trimmings. We also try to mark special days with the appropriate traditional food. We also have ‘Cuisine from around the world’ days, when the cooks create a special dish from a region of the world which are interesting and a bit of fun.

Our cooks can accommodate different dietary requirements including diabetics, vegetarians, pescatarians, gluten intolerances etc. Wherever possible our food is sourced locally and we have long standing relationships with many of our suppliers. The kitchen is regularly checked by North Norfolk District Council’s environmental health department and we are currently rated with 5 stars. The cooks have all completed level 3 food safety courses as a minimum and to ensure hygiene standards are kept high we limit  who can enter the kitchen.

Moving Into Woodspring

When moving into Woodspring our staff  will always be on hand to help you with the transition. To help you, we have put together an outline of actions which might make the move easier.

Visit the home

Whilst you will probably visit many care homes whilst you are choosing your new place to live, once you have chosen your new home, it is helpful to visit prior to your move in date. In these visits, you can chat to staff and residents, so you already have friends within the home when you move in, something that will make your transition much happier.

Take familiar objects

Although visiting us prior to moving in will allow you to make friendships with other  residents, bringing familiar objects, such as small items of furniture, photographs or decorations will make your new care home feel more like your home. Our residents are encouraged to express their individuality and personalising your space is an excellent way to do so.

Bring photo albums

Bringing photo and personal items it not only beneficial in making you as a resident feel more at home, it also helps our staff. Photo albums allow our staff to get to know you better, and get a feel for your life and personality.


When moving in, pack and bring all your medicines. Before moving in staff will discuss the management of your medicine with you..

Labelling Clothes

In most homes, the washing facilities are communal, so we will do everything in our power to make the day easier for you and your family, and once you have arrived, to help you settle into life as a resident.

Are we right for you?

We care about your happiness and wellbeing in our homes, so after around 6 weeks in to your residency we will undertake a care review to discuss any concerns you may have, and if this is the right place for you. However please note you can talk to a member of staff or the manager at any time should you have something to discuss and will not have to wait for the review.

Control over care

We know how important it is to have a say in your own care, so we take care to involve both the resident and their family in the care planning process, as well as finding out likes, dislikes and family history.We are invested in our residents’ health, happiness and independence, and will endeavour to make the moving in process as easy, friendly and smooth as possible, and should you or your family have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak with our manager or a team leader.

If you need further information on the day, or in the days and weeks after you have moved in, do not hesitate to ask questions of our staff. Our carers are friendly and approachable, and we want you to feel confident that you can place your care, in our hands.