24 Oct Weekly Update

The last two weeks have been as busy as ever. In chat club we spent some time being nostalgic for tunes of time ago with Nostalgic Sounds of TV and radio . This brought back lots of memories for our residents. Ken remembered listening to ‘Listen with Mother’ on the radio. Which started a discussion on old TV and Radio programmes. Everyone laughed remembering such programmes such as On The Buses, Love Thy Neighbour ?.

In an exciting development we’ve had the piano tuned, we look forward to hearing our musically talented residents giving us a tune soon.

It was Robert’s birthday as well – He had a lovely day starting with lunch out and a pint of Ale with Amy, followed by a sing along with Melanie Dixon “Down memory lane” and a large slice of birthday cake ?

And for entertainment we had the group Lest We Forget come in to perform. Their energy filled performance was a huge hit at Woodspring and even the quieter residents were singing along.