24 May Trip to Sandringham

Yesterday afternoon we went out in the minibus to Sandringham and the surrounding villages to see the rhododendrons! We went through Wolferton and saw the old train station and to houghton to have a drive up to the hall.

07 Nov Weekly Update

It’s been Spooktacular at Woodspring the last two weeks as we’ve been busy decorating the home and creating our legendary pumpkin flower arrangements. We’ve also been considering our impact on the environment with COP 26 underway, and have made some pledges of our own to help tackle the problem. Finally, to say goodbye to a […]

24 Oct Weekly Update

The last two weeks have been as busy as ever. In chat club we spent some time being nostalgic for tunes of time ago with Nostalgic Sounds of TV and radio . This brought back lots of memories for our residents. Ken remembered listening to ‘Listen with Mother’ on the radio. Which started a discussion […]