Our Approach To Care

We aim to employ genuinely caring people with a sense of fun and a real interest in caring for the elderly and those with dementia in particular. Uniforms and the barriers that they can create are out and we try to have an informal home from home feeling where the staff are often seen as extended family members. The carer to resident ratio is very important and we aim to have a high carer to resident ratio both during the day and at night. Such a ratio allows the carers to spend quality time with the residents as well as attending to their care needs.


For those that enjoy keeping busy we like to find ways they can help by doing jobs around the home. Being useful can really give a feeling of self-worth.


On admission we sit down with new residents and their loved one and find out as much as we can about them, their likes and dislikes, past-times and hobbies and also about their lives so far. Knowing the real person and the life they have led helps us to tailor the care to suit the individual but also most importantly ensures respect for them as people.


Each resident has their own key worker. Key-workers’ are carers responsible for ensuring that residents have everything they need. This not only applies to material things such as toiletries and sewing, but they also work on forming a close relationship with residents so that their emotional well- being is also maintained.


A person’s needs change over time so we regularly review the care we provide and involve family members and the resident themself in making the decisions in how they want to live their lives.




For those who need specialist medical attention there is a weekly visit from the nurse practitioner and GP if necessary, and the district nurses visit regularly. A chiropodist visits every six weeks and the dentist and optician visit when necessary.